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Rare Vintage Indian Apple Picker Model


A wonderful Vintage Indian Kashmiri Apple picker waring traditional peasant costume and carrying a large basket/ sack of beautiful ripe apples. Height of Model approx 27cm. This is a vintage/ antique model of very high quality and has considerable weight. I believe it to be a handmade bespoke item made from clay and wire.. The base of the model has a sticker attached with sellotape which reads, Dr MacMonagle, Indian peasant. Kashmir is referred to as the fruit bowl of India. Kashmiri Apples hold a unique identity in the global arena. There are mainly seven types of Kashmiri Apple grown on a commercial scale in Kashmir. Ambri Kashmir, American Trel, Delicious (Red Delicious), Maharaji Apple, Hazaratbali Apple (Benoni) and Golden delicious apple. Frieda Harris illustrator of the Thoth Tarot spent her last days in Srinagar Kashmir, on a houseboat on the Dal lake.

This is a rare handmade doll and would make a great addition to the bohemian household, or lovers of Indian History and nostaliga. £25.00 with UK postage £4.00 International customers please email [email protected] to get the best shipping rates to your country.


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