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Horseshoe From Sleipnir (no 4 The Right Path)


Sleipnir is an eight legged horse belonging to Odin. He can fly through the sky or be the fastest creature to run on the earth. His hooves are shod not only with magical protective iron shoes but each hoof print would leave a magical protective charm for those Odin favoured or a curse for those he did not. To hang a horseshoe in what maybe by some considered upside down and unlucky is in fact protective, that is why so many are found hanging this way in rural communities the world over. Luck is oneway and protection the other. This particular horseshoe has the magical qualities and charm to make ones ways through Darkness and always find the light and ones true path. To be guided away from evil and helped back onto the right path. False friends, addiction or just simply things that are not good for you. The spade represents a leaf of the "cosmic" tree, and thus our life. Size of charm approx 15cm x 16cm £10 with UK P+P £3.99 International customers please email [email protected] for the best shipping prices to your country.


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