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Harvest Hanging Folk Amulets 2018


Inspired by the Ukrainian Motanka Dolls, the native talisman for luck, prosperity and angelic guardianship of the owner. According to historians, these dolls first appeared in Ukraine several thousand years ago, dating back to ancient Cucuteni Trypillia times 5200 to 3500 BC . Our ancestors believed that natural threads and fibre material used to create these dolls are magical and protect the family from evil spirits. The Motanka doll is faceless. The dolls are amulets, so cannot have a human face. Harvest folk dolls are a combination of male and female peasant farming folk who work a change of season upon the land. They can be hung up in the home or placed upon a ritual altar or special place of remembrance in the home or even as Yule decorations. Look after them and they will look after you with love, guidance, luck, prosperity, fertility and health. Handmade by natural fibre artist Victoria Musson. Height approx 30cm £20.00 with UK postage £4.00 international customers please email [email protected] for the best shipping rates to your country. Multi buys will receive a postage discount at the checkout.


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