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Traditional Winter Magic Yule Straw Amulets (1)


Celebrate the Old Pagan festival of Yule with an ancient Luck and fertility amulet. Inspired by the Ukrainian Motanka Dolls, the native talisman for luck, prosperity and angelic guardianship of the owner. According to historians, these dolls first appeared in Ukraine several thousand years ago, dating back to ancient Cucuteni Trypillia times 5200 to 3500 BC . The straw dolls can be hung up in the home for yule decoration or placed upon a ritual altar or special place in the home . Look after them and they will look after you with love, guidance, luck, prosperity, fertility and health over the dark days of winter. As Spring approaches they can be ritually burnt or packed safely away for next year. The dolls come as a pair, male and female. The balance of nature. Should two female or male dolls be required please get in contact and your request will be made. No two dolls are the same due to the nature of the nature fibre and spirit of the land and hand of the artist as she creates. Size approx 30cm in length. £20.00 with UK postage £4.00 international customers please email [email protected] for the best shipping rates to your country.


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