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1950s Vintage Mama Doll

1950s Vintage Mama Doll


A lovely 1950s Vintage Mama doll wearing original pink checked gingham clothing and with sleepy doll eyes that open and close when standing or lying down. Height approx 20cms. The doll would make a fantastic La Madama dolly and has a wonderful and cheerful character. Also for those with a wild imagination she could become your very own Marie Laveau Queen of Voodoo home guardian and helper. As adults we seem to forget that dolls or idols are not and never have been children's toys. In fact they are magical beings with real spirit. Hoodoo and Voodoo are perhaps the best examples to use when it comes to explaining this. La Madama dolls are one of many female spirits and entities that combine conjure women, Santeria, hoodoo and voodoo past practitioners into a form that can help us in our daily lives. The spirit dolls are traditionally dressed and usually found wearing period aprons or gingham skirts or rich cotton fabrics in bright colours with matching head covering. The La Madama doll is a channel for spirits, and before folk get too carried away,  just remember spirit working is ancestral worship and none of that TV horror rubbish we are mind washed into believing.  The spirits surrounding each La Madama once you have connected, are spirits that will protect, teach, guide and inspire you. If you feel drawn to this doll, then there is a strong reason why. Please note this is not a child’s toy but a magical item demanding respect at all times.

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