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28 Acorns Talisman

28 Acorns Talisman


Acorns are ancient symbols and throughout history the Oak Tree and Acorn have played vital roles. The Celts, Romans, Greeks and Teutonic tribes all had legends connected to the mighty oak tree. Typically, the oak was related to deities that had control over thunder, lightning, and storms.  It is an old country belief  that acorns on the windowsills will protect a house from being hit by lightning.  Carrying an acorn was thought to guard against illness and pain, it was also thought to aid longevity and preserve youthfulness. Acorns are not only symbols of power and strength but also of healing and luck. Presented on offer is a necklace containing 28 South Derbyshire Acorns in an amulet of power and protection. Each year acorns are harvested from selected trees, offerings paid and tokens given to the tree spirits. Length of necklace approx 78cm. 

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