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Ancient Giant Slab of Baltic Copal

Ancient Giant Slab of Baltic Copal


Do not confuse with Amber, this is Copal and only 50 - 1.6 Million years old! This fine example is from a similar family of fossilised tree resin but not so many millions of years old! It has a strong pine sap smell when burnt and can easily be confused with Amber. Here is the worlds finest Baltic Sea Copal. Used for many centuries the world over as incense, carved or melted as a resin to make stunning artefacts and jewellery. Copal and Amber both share mystical properties and feature in many folklore tales, being used as amulets and talismans as well as a raw ingredient in much cunning craft and spell work. This stunning and rare example of ancient polished Copal is a tremendous size, approx 10 cm X 13 cm.

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