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Antique Platycercus Eximius Taxidermy

Antique Platycercus Eximius Taxidermy


A wonderfully bright coloured Eastern Rosella (Platycercus eximius) . This is an antique piece of taxidermy and from a larger cased collection. Sadly the little bird has died twice! First naturally and then with a skilled taxidermist working magic to bring the little birdy back to a former life.  Then tragically my naughty cats caused damage to the breast of the bird due to carrying it around and torturing it. There is slight feather loss to the breast and throat area. Sadly they have it in for the little parrot who has been a friend and familiar for years. So a new home must be found with a new owner who can promise a better life and future for the bird. Size of bird inc tail feathers approx 29cm. 

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