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Extra Large Baltic Sunshine Necklace

Extra Large Baltic Sunshine Necklace


Amber is a natural fossilised tree resin. It was prized by our ancient ancestors and has been scientifically recorded by archaeologists in neolithic digs. This wonderful magical substance is much valued from antiquity to the present as a gemstone. In folklore amber is known as solidified sunshine and when you see natural amber in sunlight it simply sparkles and looks truly magical. It also has many healing properties from psychic defence to helping with depression. This stunning necklace is made from multi coloured stones that graduate from 0.5cm to 1.5cm. The amber used in making this necklace is genuine Baltic Amber, also known as Baltic Gold. The necklace is made with Butterscotch, honey and deep cognac amber pieces. Length of necklace approx 72cm. 

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