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Boxed Set Gypsy Fortuneteller by Ray Buckland

Boxed Set Gypsy Fortuneteller by Ray Buckland


A very rare boxed set of Ray Buckland’s Gypsy Fortune telling set, 256 page book, 74 cards, full colour layout poster for different reading spreads and instruction booklet. Outer casing shows signs of age related wear, but to have this is the rarest of finds! Inside the box can be found the cards, layout sheet and book. The Buckland family can trace their nomadic roots back for generations and have traveller, Romany blood well saturated in their veins. Sadly Ray is no longer with us, with the help of Llewellyn publishers, Ray did a lot to promote witchcraft, Wicca and gypsy magic into the lives of the new soul searching generation. A true collectors edition.

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