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Carrefour Tarot by Sean Woodward

Carrefour Tarot by Sean Woodward


A second hand copy of the Carrefour Tarot created by Sean Woodward. The Carrefour Tarot deck is a NON STANDARD deck of 64 cards, based on the 16-fold system of the OTOA and Monastery of the Seven Rays. It explores the energies of the Masters, Initiates, Priests and Hierophants of the Four Crosses. It has influences from traditional Vodou, Gnostic and Cosmic Voudon. Box shows signs of shelf edge wear and booklet is missing from the set. Cards are in very good clean and crisp condition, please note there is 64 cards in this pack with an additional 6 special additional Signifier cards (Carrefour, Gran Bois, Gros Bon Ange, Spider Loa, FA Hat of the Houngan and Bacalou Baca) measuring approx 2.75 x 4.75 inches, front and back printed full colour deck with bespoke card box. 

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