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Dark Cognac Baltic Amber Choker

Dark Cognac Baltic Amber Choker


Baltic Amber is considered the best Amber in the world and the artisan crafts workers in this region produce beautiful necklaces. Here on offer is a choker necklace made with dark cognac amber pieces with honey amber spacing beads. Length of choker is approx 43cm. Amber is the solidified resin from ancient forest and comes in a variety of shades, all natural and all with wonderful magical qualities. The oldest known amber dates back to 300 million years old. This ancient wonder also has healing qualities from alleviating depression and negative emotions to relieving headaches. It also sparkles and radiates in the sunlight and brings joy to the heart. The last image shows the necklace held against a window with light picking up all the natural shapes and surfaces. This is not fake amber so do not expect a Chinese special inclusion! This is genuine Baltic Amber.

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