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Demeter 2019

Demeter 2019


A stunning large free standing sculpture by natural fibre artist, Victoria Musson. The artistic interpretation of the Ancient Greek Mythological figure is Demeter, Goddess of the harvest and agriculture who presides over the grains and fertility of the earth. She has been magically created from natural meadow grasses, wheat, wild oats and Barleycorn. She is robustly made and stands approx 66cm in height with an arm span of approx 31 cm. She stands in a summoning pose, calling forth the elements and standing proud as she is Goddess of all that grows upon the earth and all that feeds and nourishes us. Please note global postage may have border force issues with the natural fibres found in this sculpture, please check with your country for regulations on restricted items for import before purchase. The sender is not responsible but the resident who is receiving the item is.

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