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Harvest Home 2017 By Victoria Musson

Harvest Home 2017 By Victoria Musson


The 2017 harvest was a struggle to get in. The year started dry when it should have been wet when the young crop was growing and the rains and storms set in at harvest. The harvest Home straw and grain Goddess idol reflects the struggle through adversity and represents sheer hard work and endurance. The Harvest Home straw doll reflects the season and year (2017) She is in the image of a peasant labourer of the fields. The only luxury is the headscarf made out of ribboned silk and the colour of the harvest sun and ripening wheat and corn. Hard work, toil and endurance are in every fibre of this harvest fetish handmade by Victoria Musson. Height approx 64 cm. The straw effigy will come complete with letter of authentication and tags both hand signed by the artist. Also included with the 2017 Harvest Home straw doll is a genuine common buzzard feather which was found in the field at last reaping. A present from the sky gods as they fly over the field. This is a unique opportunity to acquire a magical piece of hand crafted landscape art. The earth is alive and filled with wonder.

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