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Heritage Afghan Nomadic Traditional Tribal Dress

Heritage Afghan Nomadic Traditional Tribal Dress


A rare opportunity to purchase a vintage traditional tribal dress from the region of Afghanistan. This item is very heavy weighing approx 4+ kg and has a great deal of fabric, bead work and embroidery. This is a stunning dress for collectors or for traditional dance enthusiasts or magical practitioners . Please note due to wear and age some beadwork, embroidery or fabric has small areas of damage. This item is not new and has been worn by real tribal and nomadic women who live along the borderline of Afghanistan and India.  Due to the high cotton content of this garment it is not in the least stretchy. Measurement of max bust size is 32.5 inches, so a max of 44cm. it has a free style waist fitting, length of dress 129cm so approx 51 inches. Please note due to weight restrictions on international postage I am unable to ship this item to certain countries. Please use the contact form should you live outside the UK. Air mail will not take shipments over 5KG.

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