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Intelligent Jackdaw Familiar

Intelligent Jackdaw Familiar

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A stunning Jackdaw (Corvus Monedula) familiar, in need of a good witchy or pagan home. These birds are part of the crow, corvid family and are extremely intelligent birds. Be warned Jackdaws have a compelling infatuation for shiny objects, so things could disappear and re appear in your home! The Jackdaw spends most of his time and brain power to the practice of thievery. For reasons known only to himself, he is very fond of human beings and will go through a lot of trouble to get himself adopted by one with a nice garden. This is a professional taxidermy mount and work is done to a  very high standard. size of bird approx 33cm x 18cm , total size including featured mount approx 33cm x 48cm Please note that this item will only be shipped to mainland UK addresses only. 

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