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Inuit Collectors poppet Doll

Inuit Collectors poppet Doll


Vintage Canadian Inuit poppet doll in traditional fur clad clothing and holding a hunting spear. This collectors doll still has the original sales tag attached and is in excellent condition. Height approx 20cm. Dolls are great magical aids and not just for children. In fact I would say definitely not for children! If you are drawn towards this tribe of cold dwelling indigenous peoples from the ice tundra and long winter months, then this fetish doll could be just what you are seeking. The Inuit are the aboriginal inhabitants of the North American Arctic, from Bering Strait to East Greenland, a distance of over 6000 kilometres. As well as Arctic Canada, Inuit also live in northern Alaska and Greenland, and have close relatives in Russia. They are united by a common cultural heritage and a common language. Until recently, outsiders called the Inuit "Eskimo." Now they prefer their own term, "Inuit," meaning simply "people."

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