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John Barleycorn Folk Art

John Barleycorn Folk Art


Two symbolic John Barleycorn decorations . A wonderful way to celebrate the end of the harvest or as a yearly reminder of the importance of our daily bread. Coffin hanging decorations in honour of England's’  sacrificial son, John Barleycorn. Handmade by Folk Artist Victoria Musson. Size of coffins approx 18cm in length to 9cm in width. The sun plays a pivotal role in the symbolism of the dying grain lord as it’s energy too is fading as the days get shorter, but both shall live on and be reborn. John Barleycorn will live on in each ground grain, in loaves of bread, ale and song, the sun after the winter solstice will gain in strength and shine longer each day. The cycle of light and dark, life and death is eternal. The two symbolic coffins make great home decor or for the home altar. 

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