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Large Grain Mother

Large Grain Mother


The Grain Mother is at the heart of all Lammas activity and the summer months ripen the grain that will feed us in the coming year. Hand crafted by natural fibre artist Victoria Musson is an iconic Folk Art Corn offering of the Goddess and Mother. She has the flexibility to be wall hung or lay upon ritual space. She is made from hand reaped grains, wheat, barley, oats and a small blush of home grown English lavender go into the making of her body. She wears a robe of pale yellow cotton with a straw solar symbol as all things that grow rely upon the rays of the sun. She also wears a necklace of golden wild oat straw. Grain Mother dolls are an important part of rural Folk Art crafting and tradition. Height approx 45 cm with a wide arm span of 34cm

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