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Large Harvest Maiden

Large Harvest Maiden


Lammas is a very special time of the year and to celebrate the 2019 Harvest a small collection of Goddess, Maiden figures have been crafted by natural fibre artist Victoria Musson. They take inspiration from early Cucuteni–Trypillia culture and the Ukrainian Motanka doll. The Harvest Maiden is made using traditional methods and with a little bit of magic. She is a contemporary twist on the British Corn dolly but has plaited rye grass hands and a body made to the ancient Slavic design. A goddess of the Grain or Harvest Maiden, she is a luck charm for protection and a magical companion. A perfect addition for any pagan home or altar. Treat her with love and respect and you will reap the rewards of her grace and guidance. The figure is approx 44 cm tall with an arm span of 31 cm. She is made from hessian and sack cloth, straw, wheat and rye grass, silk and sunflower embellishments with gold coins to bring the folk art of the old country Slavic charm into perfect balance.

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