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Maid of Straw 2016 by Victoria Musson

Maid of Straw 2016 by Victoria Musson


Maid of Straw by natural fibre artist Victoria Musson is a play on words as she is a maid, hence the ribbons in her red poppy crown and also made from the beautiful golden straw of the 2016 harvest. This is a substantial piece for any folk artist collector as the Maid of Straw measures approx 80 cm in height. She is best wall mounted so can be viewed as a piece of art from all angles. This work of art is a celebration of the harvest and all traditions from many lands that surround the safe gathering in of not only the cereal crops but all food that is grown upon the earth for our nourishment. The Maid of Straw is not simply a representation of a young virgin woman, but also that of a Goddess and giver of life and energy. Her symbols are the gold of the sun and the blood of the land that support our every need. 

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