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Marie Laveau

Marie Laveau


This healing Marie Laveau doll is made to aid in all maters of healing both physical and mental. It has been made from cotton and silks fabrics with a little secret magic to an old Louisianan binding technique by natural fibre artist Victoria Musson. Each layer a prayer is said and spirits called to infuse help and healing. The image of the great Voodoo Queen of New Orleans with her pet snake Zombie has been used and homage is paid to the great lady. Remember it is only a western outlook that sees Voudon as negative and spiteful magic when in fact it has more to do with healing, love and protection. This stunning handmade magical defence and healing doll has hidden and sacred powers. She can be kept as a work of art or used to aid a person through challenging times. Show her love and you will be rewarded with the help you seek. Height of doll approx 44cm Please note this doll is not suitable for children, it is a work of art and voodoo.

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