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Multi coloured Sunshine Baltic Amber Necklace

Multi coloured Sunshine Baltic Amber Necklace


A stunning graduated natural coloured Sunshine yellow Baltic Amber necklace with screw clasp. Amber was once considered more valuable than gold by our ancient ancestors. It was believed that it was solidified sunshine and held many magical powers. Even today Amber is a prized gemstone, although it is actually solidified pine resin from when the dinosaurs walked the earth. This magical resin is millions of years old and Baltic Amber is possibly the best natural amber that can be found. This necklace is not a nasty Chinese fake, but the real deal that our ancestors prized so dearly. The necklace is approx 44cm and has amber stones ranging in size from 1cm to 2cm. Colours range from Butterscotch Amber, Honey Amber, Clear Honey Amber to Natural Sparkle Amber.

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