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Rare 1991 The Alchemist Set

Rare 1991 The Alchemist Set


A very rare first American edition of the very sought after ‘The Alchemist’ by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber. Published in 1991 by St Martin’s Press. This wonderful brightly coloured box set contains handbook and formulas for turning your life into gold. Please note this is not a child toy! It is an oracle system for use with dice in the elemental colours and a series of flip cards that hold answers in corresponding elemelts. The set is in excellent condition looking only very lightly used. Due to the nature of the contents of the box these oracle Alchemy sets are getting harder to find in good condition. Usually dice are missing or books used and boxes damaged. This set is in as near to new condition as you could hope to find. Size of outer box approx 25cm x 22cm 

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