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Rare First Edition 1989 The Norse Tarot

Rare First Edition 1989 The Norse Tarot

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The Norse Tarot by Clive Barrett, first and only published in 1989 is a cult classic. These cards are carefully designed to correspond with traditional Tarot interpretations, they convey meanings in a wholly original way and in a form consistent with the Nordic theme as a whole. I can not praise this tarot edition enough, it is truly beautiful to work with and read from. All 78 cards are in as new condition looking never used. All cards are clean and crisp. Size of each card approx 8cm x 12cm. The Tarot deck also comes with two original advertising cards for other packs, the Aquarian rune pack and The Merlin Tarot. The Book is in excellent condition also looking hardly used. As the book was a paperback in the box set it does show light signs of wear and reading upon the spine. All 160 pages are tight and bound well. The outer plastic video slip-casing is a classic of it’s age and design. This outer casing is in very good to excellent condition with light shelf edge wear. Over all measurement for slipcase box approx,  15cm x 21cm. For lovers of the Norse way of life, history and mythology then this really is a must and also a very good example of a first edition in collectors condition.

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