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Sacred Number 22 Acorn Necklace

Sacred Number 22 Acorn Necklace


A stunning hand crafted Acorn and oak bead necklace made to an ancient design. Each Acorn has been hand selected, picked and drilled to create a necklace suitable for any tribal leader. The Acorn is a symbol of power, stability and growth. It is a protective agent of pure potential and also one of leadership and respect. 22 Acorns from the Sacred South Derbyshire landscape have been sustainably sourced and gone into the creation of this stunning necklace. Acorns are slowly dried over a year to establish stability and can last a lifetime. The Acorns will take on a deeper colouration as the necklace is worn, they will absorb body oils over time and darken. The Necklace will become apart of your body and a shield against attack from those wishing you ill to those who sup your energy. May the power of the Oak protect and guide you along life's journey. 

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