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Solar Wheel and Grain Harvest Charms

Solar Wheel and Grain Harvest Charms


Celebrate the turning of the wheel of the year, through each season with this stunning combination of a Harvest Grain Maiden and a solar wheat wheel. The sun plays a vital role in our wellbeing and we owe our very existence to it and must never take the rising or setting for granted. Our ancient ancestors understood this basic matter only to well. Our lives are now filled with convenience and electricity at the flick of a switch but for those who wish to get back to their pagan roots and display the simple old country crafts is to pay homage to the old beliefs and ways of our ancestors. 

The grain maiden or mother promises a bountiful harvest and protection, doubled with the solar wheel are ideal pagan amulets for the home. A solar wheat wheel is not the same as a Saint Brigid's cross, firstly it is made in the height of summer from the golden wheat or cereal crops and is an emblem of the power of the sun and the four seasons that turn eternally as man toils in the soil to produce food. They are as important as a corn dolly but thank the sun rather than being a spirit keeper. Both straw items are old country good luck amulets that ward off negativity. Hang them high in your home or place as offerings on a seasonal altar to give thanks for yet another harvest and a plentiful supply of food. These items also send out rays of hope and can be displayed all year round and left hanging as amulets for house protection. Straw attracts a luck of its very own and is indeed a very magical item. The grain maiden is approx 40cm x 21cm and the solar wheel 33cm x 34cm

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