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Spring Awakening Pagan Offerings

Spring Awakening Pagan Offerings


The Awakening has started, call it Imbolc, Saint Brigid’s or Bridget’s Day, the first days of spring or the new growing light of the year, the sun grows stronger as the light returns and the promise of better weather and times is given. Straw is a sacred magical ingredient and brings with it much luck, fertility and promises for happier times ahead. Here for sale and hand crafted by natural fibre artist Victoria Musson is a stunning straw made solar cross and two straw amulets, male and female with symbolic daffodil and snowflake as we leave the depths of midwinter behind and see outside the return of life in the garden and surroundings. These items make lovely gifts or offerings and also a spectacular addition to the home and pagan altar. Size of solar cross approx 26cm x 26cm and straw man and woman amulets approx 33cm in height. 

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