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Tarot Fortune Telling Game

Tarot Fortune Telling Game


A fantastic set of vintage 1970s Tarot. Produced by U.S Games Systems, Inc, New York and copyrighted by Stuart Kaplan. The tarot are a facsimile copy of an early fourteenth century Tarocchi set and come in a cardboard slipcase with a reading guide sheet and book. This is a vintage item with age related wear. The cards are in perfect as new condition and very clean and crisp. The card box is in as new condition and comes complete with the original instructions. The book unfortunately has dried out and the glue holding the pages together no longer does its job. The book is a paperback fourth edition printing from 1973. It is in very good and clean condition, albeit the lose pages. The reading sheet has never been used or opened so is in very good condition. All in all a very neat pack of unmolested vintage tarot. Suitable for readers or collectors of vintage cards from the 1970s occult revival.

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