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Tarot of the Cloisters

Tarot of the Cloisters


Tarot of the Cloisters by Michelle Leavitt, published by U.S Games Systems, Inc 1993. This set of 78 +2 cards is in excellent condition looking never used. Outer box is as new and all rounded cards are clean and fresh, the pack still has the original  two extra publishing cards for titles and information on the cards. The Tarot of the Cloisters is a round deck with a stained glass effect inspired by thirteenth century rose cathedral windows. The medieval figures and settings echo the traditional tarot images on the Rider Waite deck. Each card shows the picture with the card's name and number in a banner at the bottom. The suits are staves, vessels, swords and pentacles. The Tarot comes complete with original instruction booklet which has a crease to the front cover, but otherwise in as new condition. This is a very rare and hard to find tarot.

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