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Traditional Large Pagan Straw Man

Traditional Large Pagan Straw Man


It has long been the tradition in our lands and those of continental Europe to dress and go in disguise throughout the dark winter celebrations of the old Pagan ways. Straw and hay is the gold of the season, not only does it keep animal and owner warm, but is food and fodder. To have the golden vegetation in plentiful supply is to never go hungry or cold in the wintery barren season. The luck of straw and the good fortune it brings has been sculptured into a straw effigy that will bless your house throughout the winter months and indeed the rest of the year. When spring approaches the effigy is traditionally burnt and the ashes scattered upon the land in a ceremony to bring life and growth back. Alternatively modern Pagan folk can decorate the straw man with spring greenery and flowers and it can become a feature for the Imbolc celebrations and those that take place later in the year. Handmade by natural fibre artist Victoria Musson from barley straw, meadow grasses and acorn cups all grown in the sacred South Derbyshire landscape of her home. Each straw effigy is signed. Height approx 55 cm width approx 50cm

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