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Traditional Seasoned Horse Chestnut Necklace

Traditional Seasoned Horse Chestnut Necklace


The Horse Chestnut tree bears the most magical fruits come the autumn, it is a tree of many legends. Chestnuts carry masculine energy and resonate with the fire element and the planet Jupiter. The chestnut tree is associated with the God Zeus. Chestnuts can be eaten to encourage fertility and desire, and may be carried as a charm by women who wish to conceive. Keeping chestnuts around the house  encourages abundance. In days gone by it was the Horse Chestnut tree that was our native 'soap nut', it has astringent and anti-inflammatory qualities. It also contains saponins. State side these are called Buckeyes and come with many folklores and legends that will tell of gambling charms, Hoodoo charms, male vitality and the cure for aches, pains and rheumatism to name just a few. “Buckeye nuts are believed by some hoodoo “doctors” to increase a man’s sexual power. Shaped like miniature testicles, they are sometimes carried in the pants pockets as charms to bring men “good fortune in sexual matters.” In the southern and eastern regions of the United States, buckeyes are carried in mojo bags to cure or prevent such ailments as arthritis, rheumatism, and migraine headaches” The chestnuts gathered and prepared, must be of a good season and dried under the sun as much as moon light. Here we have a necklace containing 36 of the finest Horse Chestnuts, gathered from sacred lands in South Derbyshire. This necklace has been slowly drying for many years as the old charm dictates.(Never use fresh or young Horse Chestnuts) This is a necklace that holds power as well as fighting off chills and ills. Wear for luck or health or hang in the house for protection.

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