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Tree Magick Oracle

Tree Magick Oracle


Boxed set of 52 Tree Magic oracle cards and book created by Gillian Kemp and published by Cico Books 2004. This is a first edition of the print run and it is now out of print and much sort after. The Box set is in new condition. Each card is dedicated to a tree and wonderfully illustrated. The Accompanying book includes six layouts, it offers up nature’s wisdom to use as affirmations, for meditation and protection, and to predict the future. The messages are divided into two suits that mirror the light and shade of the forest. Along with the card meanings, you’ll discover how to interpret the two “power” trees and find enlightenment in every situation. Cards size approx 8cm x 12cm This is a beautifully presented tree oracle and lavishly illustrated. This oracle deck is suitable for younger readers, seasoned practitioners or collectors of oracle and out of print rare tarot decks.

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