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Two Classic Folk Art Peg Poppets

Two Classic Folk Art Peg Poppets


Two very stylish and very well made peg poppets circa 1970s- 80s. Queenie and her Lady in waiting. Dolls are not just for children and have a very magical life and are used in a multitude of magical tasks. We seem to have forgotten this very simple mind set as society sees dolls as simple childs toys when in actual fact they are for adult use only and vessels of the deepest magicks. These two stunning vintage peg folk art dolls are made from very basic materials, an old fashioned wooden peg, felt, velvets, lace  and various paper, they have a presence and great style about them.  Due to age and fragile materials there are signs of age related wear, I personally think this adds to the look and gives authenticity. Height of dolls approx 13cm each. If you are drawn to these dolls then make a purchase. They are handmade and to a very high standard. I have never found any others made in this fashion or to such a high standard. 

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