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Vintage 1950s La Madama Doll

Vintage 1950s La Madama Doll


A stunning example of a 1950s Original La Madama  Doll. Height approx 26cm. This would make a perfect spirit channel  for those who practice the arte of Hoodoo or Root work. This dolly is gorgeous and radiates happiness and a willing and caring personality. She comes wearing period vintage clothing and even has her very own original handmade shoe/pumps. Much craftsmanship has gone into the creation of this amazing fabric dolly. From authentic period clothes, to hand painted facial features and the unique finishing touches of earrings. This is a magical item and so not suitable for the young, however curious or needy they appear. Please do not think this La Madama is an ordinary creation, she holds power and authority and is simply in need of a good caring adult who is sympathetic to the spirits involved. Keep her happy and you will be rewarded with your wishes. Especially good for healing and sympathetic magics.

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