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Tarot Reading 


Mrs Midian is an experienced Tarot reader with over 25 years of card reading knowledge and experience.

Please use this option to book an appointment to have your cards read. A general reading will last approximately 30 – 50 minutes and will cost Fifteen pounds.

Readings can be done by visiting the House of Midian

Location in Swadlincote South Derbyshire DE11 7HY with a pre-arranged appointment or via the telephone, or online using skype or via facebook.

A general reading consists of me telling you about yourself and the situation you are in at present. I never ask you to tell me anything as I read what the cards say. The future is an ever changing event and you will find out the possible outcomes of situations as they unfold in your life.

I also offer a beginners guide workshop for those interested in learning to read Tarot, this can be done via skype or in a group workshop setting. Please email to ask for more details.

[email protected]k